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10 of the cutest dog breeds around!

September 02, 2021 3 min read

At Paw and Glory we believe every dog has its own personality and is cute in its own special way. Here are a few breeds that somehow seem to steal the show every time, with their cuteness and charm. Here are a few of those four-legged super stars.   

Yorkshire Terrier

The most adorable! This small yet gorgeous puppy will have you falling in love with its personality as well as it’s long silky fur. They’re so affectionate making you sure that they love you right back! 

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The famous ones! Starring in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, this dog is definitely as charming as shown in the movie. Not only are they well known but are also goofy and full of energy. Their unique spotted coat gives them an edge that makes them captivating and endearing. 

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The cute companion! This pup is a perfect friend for adults or kids as they are so joyful and fun, the ideal furry family member. They follow their noses, which guide them through life… usually to fascinating scents but maybe to trouble if you’re not careful! 

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The versatile icon! Smooth, wire, or long-haired this short-legged, long-bodied sausage dog is among the cutest breeds. They might not be up for long distance running but they are smart, courageous, loyal and lively. 

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Golden Retriever 

The popular one! This friendly photogenic pup will definitely keep you on your feet with their playful, active nature. But they won’t give you any trouble once you train them so they quickly become part of the family. Golden retrievers are so loveable you can’t help constantly taking photos, and trust me they’re always looking photo ready! And if your anything like our return customers, you'll soon crown your furry best friend with one of our irresistible personalised pet portraits.  

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The energetic doggo! Brittany is a flexible breed as they can be a hunting dog or be the perfect family member. But beware, their high energy levels need to be satisfied so be prepared! They are also highly affectionate which make them all the more adorable. 

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Siberian Husky 

The eye catcher! This beautiful energetic dog is definitely one of the cutest. With blue or multicoloured eyes which will have you gushing over them and a thick double coat of luscious fur that will make you constantly want to cuddle. A Siberian Husky is also intelligent which adds to their cuteness! 

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Shiba Inu 

The charming one! Native to Japan, this furry canine will win your heart with its friendly face and lovable personality. This breed loves hiking and is highly adventurous and agile making them all the more delightful.

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The big boy! This canine will win heart with their gentle, loving, family-friendly nature and eyes that will stare deep into your soul. But don’t be fooled as they are certainly active and energetic. Their coat is so smooth and soft and will have you loving to pet them. 

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Cocker Spaniel

The merry one! This pup is a great companion who loves to cuddle and play with you. When you’re together there’ll be a smile on both your faces. The Cocker Spaniel is an adorable breed with large dreamy eyes that will make you fall in love. 

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Too much cuteness to handle…

I think we all can agree that all dog breeds are adorable, including yours! Your dog’s cuteness deserves to be captured in a way that will express their personality and show how much they mean to you. Make your pooch the star of your home with a Paw and Glory, themed Pet Portraits. How about a coffee in our a personalised pet portraits mug or a comfy custom made pet portraits blanket and custom dog portraits cushion to snuggle up in on those winter nights in. Simply upload their lovely photo and choose a theme!


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