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Feeling Nostalgic for Friends?

April 14, 2022 2 min read

Even though Friends ended on the 6th May 2004, it is still popular today. So why is it loved so much? It told the story of six close friends who had complicated but always funny, everyday lives. In no time Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey all become part of our lives. We could all somehow relate to Rachel's passion for fashion, Joey's charming silliness, Monica's obsessions, Chandler's sarcastic jokes, Ross's forever unlucky love life and Phoebe's enduring songs such as Smelly Cat. Each character had their own unique qualities and we all loved them for it.

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For some, watching Friends was like an escape from their somewhat mediocre lives, for others the show portrayed relatable characters which proved that nothing in life was really too crazy. For all, the show is a way for us to connect to humorous, complicated characters who overtime felt so familiar to us, like they were our own friends. Friends is definitely a universal comfort show.

There were many reasons to love the show and every episode had a life lesson mixed in with all the silliness. So many celebrities had small parts in the show too, including Brad Pitt, Winona Ryder, David Arquette, Kristin Davis, Alec Baldwin, Dakota Fanning and even Danny DeVito. The characters became style icons of the 90’s, especially Rachel's long bob haircut, let’s face it, everyone wanted that haircut! Then there was the theme song, which no doubt you have heard a million times but somehow after all these years it is still stuck in our minds.

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So here are a few memorable lines from Friends that we guarantee you will remember!

“Pivot!” Ross

"How you doin’?"Joey

“I’m not so good with the advice… Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?” Chandler

"They don't know that we know that they know!" Monica

“Oh, I wish I could, but I don’t want to” Phoebe

“Well, maybe I don’t need your money. Wait, wait! I said, ‘Maybe.” Racheal


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If you’re an old fan or a new one and looking to treat yourself or a loved one, who has a pooch as adorable as Joey and as crazy as Phoebe then how about our Friends themed custom made pet portrait gifts that include stunning pet portraits. If your pooch is more like Ross and likes to snuggle up on the sofa then how about our friends themed, customised pet portrait blankets and custom pet portrait cushions. If you're like Monica and obsessed with your pet, let's face it, you do have the cutest dog, then how about a custom pet portrait mug or pet portrait phone case.

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Need more perfect gift ideas? Then check out our other custom made products at Paw and Glory. They are all so adorable, the only problem you will have is choosing which ones to pick!

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