Fun facts about dogs

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We all know dogs have been ‘man’s best friend’ for thousands of years, but there’s loads more to our four-legged friends which makes them really amazing. Here we’ve put together some of our favourite canine facts so you can learn a little more about your pooch. 


  • Dogs can be right-handed or left-handed, just like humans
  • A dog’s sense of smell is up to 40 times better than a human’s. Dogs can even be trained to sniff out cancer and predict epileptic seizures
  • Puppies are born deaf. Despite that, dogs can eventually hear four times as well as humans and detect sounds at a much higher frequency
  • Ever wondered why dogs have such expressive ears? Dogs’ ears have around 18 muscles helping them move
  • The top speed of a greyhound is a whopping 45km per hour
  • The only place that dogs sweat is through their paws. Instead, they keep cool by panting
  • Dogs have unique nose prints similar to human fingerprints
  • Dogs can learn over 100 words and gestures, making them about as intelligent as a two-year-old child
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Show your appreciation for your furry friend with a little help fromPaw and Glory, we have some great gift ideas for the holidays ahead, I'm sure their eyes will light up seeing their little faces dotted around the house with our great accessories. Here’s a couple of ideas to get you going:

Pet Portraits or Custom Pet Canvas 

What a lovely way to make memories of your beloved pet. A fantastic way to commemorate the arrival of a new puppy or in fact, any new pooch into your home, or just use Christmas as an opportunity to make a beautiful keepsake of your pet.

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Custom Pet Dog Towel

In keeping with the theme of walkies with your pooch – at the end of a long and wet/muddy hike your dog may well be in need of a dry off before he jumps in the car or heads through the front door!

Check out our full collection of Paw and Glory gifts on our website!


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