Housewarming Gifts that will warm their hearts!

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Never fear. Paw and Glory is here to help you bring the perfect housewarming gift your loved one will absolutely love, love, love.  Show your family and friends how well you know them with your personalized furry gift, which will steal everyone's heart.  Pose with pups to frame your picture-perfect moments or your favorite show.

Portraits – Framed Portraits, Male Portraits, Canvas or Poster 

Paw and Glory will help you custom your favorite pet portrait.  You already know everyone does the same old thing when giving a housewarming gift, those being friendly and all don't help you stand out in expressing how you feel about your relationship. That extra effort glamorizing your loved ones pet in a gift will show how much that relationship means to you, glorifying bonds in a picture-perfect gift.

Commissioning a custom Portrait is super easy. With a click of your fingers, you'll be giving a loved one pure joy, captured not just for a moment but for all to see. I'd call that a win-win.  Personalized Pet Portraits such as TV & Movie themes are made best from quality close-up photo uploaded of your chosen pet to be forever a memento encased in canvas. Be sure to take your pet's photo at eye level, take your image in natural light. Remember it's super helpful if your pet is still; taking the photo capture your pets entire face, ears and all.

See, isn't it easy as promised!  Our artists at Paw and Glory work magic transforming your pet's photo into customized art. Just seeing the glee on your loved ones' faces when they open their furry friend gift, all ready to hang on a wall, will be irreplaceable.

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Woofing Homeware – Blankets, Mug, Throw Pillow, Pet Throw Pillow

I'm sure you've noticed at housewarming parties often the absence of personalized gifts. You could touch your loved one's heart by picking out a customized Blanket you'll know they will use to wrap up on those cold nights. It's a sweet way to show how much they mean to you.

Adding a personalized super comfy Pillow with that lovely blanket will only add to the desired level of comfort you're trying to create for your loved one to have after a hard day's work. 

Completing the unique gifts with a personalized Mug would be the icing on the cake. I can already see that special loved one snug against the pillow on their sitting room sofa, wrapped up in the blanket with their new favorite Mug, all chosen by you. Each item is expressing how much you mean to them.


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 Accessories – Tablet, Phone Cases or Tote Bag

Treating your loved one to a personalized Tablet or  Phone Cases is beyond adorable. Not only is it special giving them a gift of their lovely furry friend to see when they're stuck at work, in traffic or in a meeting. It's fun knowing how much joy they will get out of the gift with Paw and Glory's customized cases. Just upload your pet's picture, and well do the rest!


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