Immortalize your Pet as Personalized Pet Portrait

by Lucy Hadi on November 17, 2020
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You may not realise this, but a lot of my pet portrait - dog painting commissions are for pets that are no longer with us? It's never ever too late to celebrate the life of a much-loved family members pet.

I want to share a study with you. Meet Scrubber, a beautiful, much liked blended pup.

Scrubber was a much-loved childhood pet dog of a client as well as mate of mine. Searching for  a really special present for a huge birthday event for her mum, Mandy wrote to me asking if I can paint from an old, virtually black and also white pictures from the 70's.

Im always up for a challenge and have worked with weathered dog pictures in the past, so I asked her to send 8 photographs over to me, and much more if she had them. Working together we compiled the photos, using my Photoshop skills I dropped them right into some graphics bundles I utilize on a daily basis, which made them a workable-from as possible.

We discussed colors as well as together we assembled Scrubber's tones, highlights, demeanor and also more.

Sally's mum was delighted with her thoughtful gift which currently hangs as pride of place in her residence.

Scrubber lives on in our hearts and now we can all enjoy seeing his lovely face in my friends Mum's house. 

Like we said, it's never to late. 

Crown your pet as a unique personalized pet portrait masterpiece. We have a wide range of costumes and designs to choose from. Enjoy 20% off with promo code BF20

Do you have a dog that you would like to immortalise in a pet portrait? They make lovely presents and also I charge no more than my normal commissions.


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