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What Should I Use for a Pet Portrait

November 17, 2022 2 min read

The most common reason for a dog portraitis for the recipient to add a decorative touch to their home or to commemorate a special occasion. A dog is one of the most popular and trusted family pets worldwide, and a dog portrait is a great way to celebrate a beloved pet.

A dog portraitis an excellent addition to any family portrait collection. Portrait photography can be challenging for several reasons. Some dogs don't like to sit still for long periods, and others are uncomfortable around strangers.

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Instead, you can now get your dog portrait done using a photo. Choosing the right picture of your dog will significantly increase the chances of this portrait being a success. There are many great things to consider when selecting an image with the right size, composition, lighting and colour. However, most people likely already have a perfect photo on their phone, at least from a portraitdesign point of view.

Look at our customdog portrait collection for a quality dog portrait that will last a lifetime. You will see that our pictures are created using the best possible materials and printing techniques. We are constantly adding new artwork to our store, so check back frequently to see what new additions we have for you.

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You can turn your pet photo into a unique keepsake with Paw and Glory. The pet portrait can either be made into an ordinary print or can be turned into a canvas painting. Choose from various sizes and colours to help express your feeling towards your pet. To turn yourpet photo into a pet portrait, click the image below to see more pet portrait samples and get details on how to order.


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