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5 best dog training apps

October 20, 2021 2 min read

5 best dog training apps 

Do you know what the 5 best dog training apps are? Check out this amazing top 5 list of the best dog training apps out right now!

Training your dog can be the most memorable time but also the most challenging! If the price of hiring a personal dog trainer makes you want to lay down, don’t despair!  Dog training apps can help pet parents looking to teach good behaviour and even fun tricks a lot easier. Check out these apps while displaying your angel on your new  customised pet portraits phone case  available at  Paw and Glory!  

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Our 5 best dog training apps 

1.GoodPup: Dog Training at Home

GoodPup’s one-on-one video call training is today’s most effective dog training program.

Using video calls, we bring you the top trainers from across the country, so you and your pup work with the absolute best. Our certified trainers will guide you through a course that includes a weekly video call, daily training goals, and text check-ins for whenever you have questions.

2.Doggy Time

Doggy Time makes it simple to track all of your dog’s important information for yourself, the vet, and other caregivers. Share all the exciting milestones of your dog’s development with friends and family.

Doggy Time handles all the details so you never have to take significant time away from the joys of having a dog or a puppy.

Designed by busy parents, for busy parents, Doggy Time offers a simple, streamlined way to track your dog and puppy’s daily habits, training & health. Doggy Time is a daily activity tracker, dog training assistant, log, and diary.

3.Pupford app

The app has a guided class option and a train by behaviour option if there are behaviours that are especially tricky for your pup. It’s all free including the training, private community, and more!

4.Puppr – Dog Training & Tricks

Meet your new dog trainer! Puppr includes step-by-step video instructions and a built-in clicker to help teach your dog tricks from basic obedience like “sit” and “stay” to advanced tricks like “fetch leash” and “sit pretty”. Great for both new and experienced dog owners.

5.Dog & Puppy Training App with Clicker by Dogo App

Are you a dog parent who struggles with the potty, crate training, unwanted jumping, reactiveness, excessive barking, digging? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Dogo trainers are here to help.

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We  hope you find these useful for you and your furry friend! Whilst your doing all these exciting activities with your pup ensure you capture your favourite moments and décor your home with our  customised pet portraits gifts  at  Paw and Glory. Once you’ve achieved  a full day of training sit back and relax with our  customised petportraits mug and wrap up with our  customised pet portraits blanket. The perfect end to a day spent with your best friend.

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