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Art for your furry friend

May 26, 2022 2 min read


My favourite part of spoiling my best friend consists of discovering new ways to treat that four-legged furry friend loves you so much, that it would be unfair furr your pet to shower you with anything but love. What better way to show your pet how much they mean to you than by putting your pet on one of our items. You can create apersonalised pet portrait with our variouscanvases. It is a true joy to see that originalcustom framed pet portrait in the morning and as acustom pet photo on my phone, and I am pleased to share it with you.

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Having our pets as companions and family members is wonderful. They offer so much joy to us. We offer our customers funnycustom pet portraits of their dog or cat, custom dog posters, pet canvas, phone cases, custom pet bags, funny dog portraits, pet portraits in costume, dog face coffee mugs, etc.

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I know that you love your pet like a family member and we both feel responsible for our pet atPaw and Glory we aim to aid you in choosing an item specific to you is a unique way to memorialise what your pet means to you for all to see. Something we have all been doing for years. If not for you why not treat a special loved one, like your Mum, Dad, Sibling or even an Auntie or Uncle. And do not forget about those close friends.

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Pet owners can celebrate their animals on any given day. From Amazon Prime, Netflix,, BBC iPlayer, Now, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, Britbox, and other streaming services, you can watch TV shows, movies, documentaries, and live events. The entertainment choices for you and me are endless with shows that you and I have come to love, such as Peaky Blinders, Severance, Bridgerton, Better Call Saul, Stranger Things, Halo and The Walking Dead.   

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Therefore, why not spoil yourself or someone you care about with a special portrait of your pet in costume, apainting of your pet in costume, a portrait of your dog in costume, a photo of your pet in costume, or anything else we offer to put your chosen pet on. A pop art exhibition is a fun way to celebrate the colouring and fun of our world through pets and art. Let us combine your love and affection for your favourite pet with apersonalized portrait of them. You will know if you're anything like me, seeing it will brighten your day and make you smile, smile, smile. Let us manage the rest after you follow the instructions for uploading the best photos of your pet. 

When you receive the finished products you have selected, please let us know via email. Please send us a picture of you and your furry friend next to the items you had custom designed so we can upload it to our website. That will allow us to boast about both of you.

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