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Dog Tips - Autumn and Winter

October 20, 2021 4 min read

Dog Tips - Autumn and Winter

As the weather gets colder we need to make sure that our dogs are healthy, warm and able to cope with the chills and spills of winter. Paw and Glory have a bunch of tips to make sure your pet is protected and happy.

Walking in the wind, wet and snow

Snow can quickly build up round your dog’s feet and legs and even their bellies, depending on how much snow there is or how tall your dog is. There are various items of dog clothing that can help protect their feet and legs, from little boots to waterproof suits, if needed.

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After each walk, check your dog's coat for any entangled objects and check between your dog’s pads for stones or hardened mud. Clean between their pads and toes to prevent salt and ice from causing irritation. A warm bowl of water should do the trick. Don’t use hot water - you don’t want to give your dog chilblains or cause any discomfort. If your winter walks are often over icy or snowy ground or across salt gritted areas, get your dog some comfortable and outdoor protective dog boots.

If you walk your dog near water, don’t let your dog off the lead. An ice skating session can soon turn into disaster if the ice is weak and breaks. If your dog does get loose and falls through the ice, don’t go after them. Current death statistics show that your dog is more likely to survive this kind of accident than you are.

If your dog is susceptible to the cold, kit them out with a warm or waterproof dog coat. Even a dog who does not suffer from the cold may benefit from a waterproof jacket in wet weather.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to some warm clothes and sensible outdoor footwear too. Walks won’t be enjoyable and may be cut short if you are wet and cold.

It is also worth bearing in mind that walks on wet grass will not wear down your dog’s nails as much as the hard ground of summer. Check your dog’s nails and cut or file them down if they get too long.

Walking in the dark

Winter walks can mean dark walks. If you are walking in the dark, don’t forget to wear some reflective clothing. Even a reflective band or sash will help you to be seen. Your dog can wear something reflective too. Or why not try a dog safety collar that actually lights up.

Bringing the outdoors in

A common problem in wet weather after toilet breaks and walks is your dog bringing the wet and mud in with them when they come back through the door. One option is to buy a special doormat that traps mud and water. We particularly like ones that can be washed in the washing machine. Another idea is to train your dog to wait at the door instead of racing inside with wet feet. A basic sit command at the door is all that is required. This gives you the opportunity to gently wipe their feet before they go indoors. They’ll need a good wash after trailing in the wet and mud, light up their faces by using a customised pet portrait towel to dry them off!

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It is not only the inside of your home that suffers with wet and muddy footprints. If you are concerned about the interior of your car you can kit it out with blankets or old towels or buy a special car boot or seat liner.

Sleeping in comfort

As the nights get colder, don’t forget to check out your dog’s sleeping area. Is it warm and cosy enough for those cold winter nights? Don’t forget, there can be draughts down on the floor that we aren’t necessarily aware of, so get down on your hands and knees and check it out. If the area is draughty, block any drafts or get your dog a cosy high sided dog bed or fleecy dog bed with a Paw and Glory’s customised pet portrait blanket thrown on top to keep them warm. 

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Outdoor kennels

If your dog lives in an outdoor kennel for any period of time, check that it is enclosed enough to cope with the winter months. Also check for draughts and leaks that might have occurred since last year. Annual maintenance is essential. Even better - bring them inside.

Trick or Treat

If your dog is likely to get upset when excited children or children in Halloween costumes come knocking on the door, either don’t answer the door or make sure your dog is in another room or is suitably distracted. What may be a harmless ghoul costume to us could be seen as a potential threat to our dogs. If you have a bag of treats to hand out, make sure they are kept out of reach of your dog.

Have fun

Most dogs love this time of year. The rain makes all the usual smells on walks more exciting, the weather is invigorating and indoor central heating can get so stuffy. The fresh air and change of scenery will do everyone good. Get out there and enjoy it.

Make sure you capture your winter walks by taking pictures and turn them into the ultimate masterpiece with a Paw and GloryPet Portrait. We have loads of themes to choose from and we guarantee it will bring a smile to everyone's face. Treat yourself in the festive season to Paw and Glory’customised home accessories

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