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Do's And Don'ts Of Photographing Pet Portraits

December 12, 2020 3 min read

Throughout history, honourable families have paid painters to make pictures of their proud family tree. Household portraits remain to be one of the best methods to maintain a family's heritage. This practice has actually progressed given that and today the digital age of electronic cameras brought to life more modern household picture photography methods which made it simpler for members of the families to take their own family photos if they do not wish to employ a professional to do it.

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Here are some easy to follow do's and don'ts that might help you with capturing  great family memories:

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DO: Choose the Photographer

You can always arrange an appointment with an expert pet portraits photographer if your family has the luxury of time. All you require to fret about is how you must dress up on the event and the photographer will look after the rest.

You can take on the role of the photographer yourself. Just take the lead in providing directions if you have a buddy that might hold the electronic camera for you. Attempt utilizing the great old timer if you do not have anybody else that might click the camera. Digital cameras can hold up to about 20 seconds, giving you adequate time to posture, prepare and hold the smile.

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DO: Plan on What to Wear

Make sure everyone has the dress code right! If you are going for the formal look make sure everyone turns up in their formal attire and your pet is groomed to perfection. Asking hoomans to wear similar colours / styles also helps to get a more professional look. Make sure your pets nails are cut and they are well fed rested before the shoot to achieve the perfect family pet portrait.  

If you opt for a more relaxed, natural dog portrait, then the world is your oyster. Make it fun but also appropriate for framing and hanging on your wall! 

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DON'T: Shoot when somebody is in a bad mood

Expert image shoots are typically scheduled, so make an effort to keep your pet and people in the picture happy prior to taking any photos. A picture speaks a thousand words and you do not want the faces on your household pet portraits to look glum or uninviting. Any negative vibe might be shown, so unless you want the sad and dreary look make the shoot fun and exciting and most of all make each other happy!

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DO: Change the scenery

Attempt to be different. We are no longer in the medieval ages where images of households are official and extremely stiff unless this is the direction you want to go. Try out the poses, kneel, lie down, jump, go high or low, and get wacky! Take pictures on the beach, while driving, bungee jumping, or anything that is out of the ordinary and you'll be amazed at how original your pictures will turn out!

Taking your own family pet portrait photo is simple and fun. It creates memories and is a perfect way for your whole household to come together and bond. The best bit is that when you look back at the photo in years to come you most likely won't remember what kind of camera the photographer used to take the image or what car you were driving en route to the studio, but you will forever keep in mind the faces and laughter you had together as a household while having the family pictures taken!

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