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Hobbies with Your Dog

October 19, 2021 3 min read

Planning adventures with your dog in mind!

What’s your pet's favourite hobby? There are so many adventures and activities that you can do with your dog. Whether it’s because you want to strengthen your bond with your pet or simply because you love their company and want to go on more adventures together, there are many fun activities that you can try that will leave your dog loving you all the time. 



Bikejoring can be super fun for you and your dog. Big and small dogs can do this as long as they are healthy and like an adventure! If you haven't heard of Bikejoring, then it'sa sport where one dog runs in front of a bike, pulling. If it’s your first time doing this activity, you should allow your dog to sniff out the biking gear and start your journey off slow. It’s important to pick a good trail that you both feel comfortable with and a distance you can endure. If your dog is energetic and loves to run and you love bike riding then bikejoring is definitely for you! You and your gorgeous pet can stay fit while having a great time. 


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Hiking is a perfect way for you and your dog to explore and appreciate the outdoors. Most dogs love to hike and it is great physical and mental exercise for both of you. You can choose the distance and place to your liking, making sure your dog is fit enough to endure it! It’s a great chance for your furry buddy to make some friends and experience new scents and sounds while seeing beautiful new scenery and nature. If you and your dog love walking, exploring and nature then you should try going on hikes for perfect adventures. Your dog is undoubtedly the best companion! 


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If fishing is one of your hobbies, then why not share it with your beloved pet?

Dogs love us as much as we love them so they would certainly love to join us on our adventures. They also love spending time outside so fishing is a lovely way for them to enjoy the water, weather and nature with you. Your pup can play and splash in the water, run around near you or even help you hold the fishing net! To make sure your doggo is safe while having fun, you should take some precautions such as a life jacket. Fishing can be a great experience for you and your pup! You could take one of our customised blankets  in case it gets a little chilly while you are waiting to catch a fish.

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It’s important for our dogs to have a chance to meet others and make some friends. This can allow them to mature and grow good behaviour skills around other people and dogs. You can set up dates with friends or neighbours who have dogs and choose a safe place for them to play. You can bring toys, balls, frisbees or anything else which might encourage them to be more friendly. You can also bring treats to reward and encourage their good behaviour. You can look really cool by having your pet pooch on your customised phone case available at  Paw and Glory.   

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Daily Walks 

All dogs need to go on daily walks to keep them happy and healthy but if walking is something you and your dog particularly love then you can do it for more than the required time. You can also go to explore new locations in places near or far from you. Your dog will love spending more time with you and will enjoy discovering new views and scents. 

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Our dogs love spending time with us as much as we love spending time with them. By trying out different activities you can find which suit you and your pup the most. Always have perfect memories of your adventures with  Paw and Glory. We have customised pet gifts like  pet portraits,  mugs and  cushions to always remind you of your adventures with your pet pooch so go ahead and order today.  

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