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House Warming Gifts Perfect For A Pet Lover

January 05, 2022 5 min read

Finding the right housewarming gift is the perfect way to show your friends and family just how well you know them. Moving into a new home is an exciting life event, and throwing a housewarming is the first time that people get a chance to show their new home off. 

If you’re not quite sure where to start,  Paw and Glory has a few suggestions that will make any  housewarming gift  a memorable one.

1)  Pet Portraits

Let’s start with our favourite  personalised housewarming gift… a  custom pet portrait

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Let’s face it. Everyone brings candles or gift baskets to a housewarming party. While those are nice, they don’t really say too much about your relationship. When you take that extra step to get your loved ones a gift that celebrates another of the most important relationships in their life, it honours both of your bonds.

The best part is,commissioning a custom pet portrait really takes very little effort. When you stack that effort against the sheer delight these portraits create, not just when they are opened but for anyone who looks at them, it’s an obvious win.

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All you need to impress with a personalised pet portrait, like The Admiral, is a quality photo of the pet you want to be memorialized forever oncanvas. Close-up photos work the best, especially those that are taken at the pet’s eye level. If possible, try to choose or take a photo in natural light. It’s especially helpful if the pet can sit still to give the artists a clear view of them to work from. And finally, try to keep the entire pet’s head, including their ears, in the frame. 

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It’s really just that simple! The artists atPaw and Glory will take that picture and turn it into a customized work of art. The look on their faces as they unwrap their sweet furry friend all dressed up and ready to hang on the wall will be absolutely priceless.

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2) Wine and a Corkscrew

Often, housewarming parties are thrown before people have completely unpacked. It can sometimes take months to fully unpack and sometimes even longer to really feel settled in a new home.

That’s why bringing a bottle of wine and a corkscrew is another great,  personalized housewarming gift. When you pick out a wine that you know they’ll love, whether that is a red, white, or rose, you’ll help them be able to unwind and relax. It’s a way to tell them that you know how hard that they’ve been working and that you know they deserve a little time off. 

While bottles of wine may make common housewarming gifts, throwing in a corkscrew shows that you’ve thought of the entire picture. It’s those little things that get lost when you move, so making sure that they have a way to open their bottle of wine is incredibly thoughtful. 

To personalize the gift even more, there are plenty of options. If you’re particularly crafty, some people like to remove the wine bottle labels and etch the glass with the family name and date of the move-in. If you’re not that crafty, don’t worry! You can create your own label using any word program and a printer, or you can hand draw one. Add a cute ribbon and a personalized card for a special touch.  

3)  Coffee Mugs

A great personalized housewarming gift for anycat lover is acoffee mug. When yougift a coffee mug covered with the adorable face of their feline family member, you’re giving them a gift that can last for years to come. 


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The best part about coffee mugs is that they really do come in handy, no matter what time of year it is. From noncaffeinated beverages like hot chocolate and tea to the standard coffee and even as an easy, handheld vehicle for an ice cream sundae, coffee mugs don’t have to only be used for coffee. 

Paw and Glory offers a unique way to add their kitty’s face to a  coffee mug,  and you can almost guarantee that they won’t have seen anything like it before. From Renaissance art to modern sports, there are more than 150 different outfits to choose from, which will help  you personalize the mug  in a way that really fits their pet’s personality. Every time they use the mug, they’ll think of you.

You can also fill the  coffee mug  with local coffee beans (ground, if possible, in case they haven’t unpacked their coffee grinder), hot chocolate mix, or even candy for an even more personalized touch. They’ll love it.

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4) Plants

While plants have always been in style, they have been even more popular in recent years. For that reason, they make a great housewarming gift. Who doesn’t love a natural, well-thought-out gift?

For households that include pets, make sure that you check the list of non-toxic, pet-friendly plants before making a purchase. That can help to avoid a scary emergency situation and keep their pets as safe as possible. American Rubber Plants, Gerbera Daisies, and Boston Ferns are great choices that are alsosafe around pets. On the flip side, lilies, aloe, and even tulips can be dangerous or potentially toxic for pets, so they should be avoided at all costs. 

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To personalize the plant, you can pick out a planter that fits in with your loved one’s specific design aesthetic. You may even want to consider painting your own, or at least buying a planter that allows you to write a personalized message for the new home. It’s a sweet way to give a gift that helps uplift the environment, and it shows how excited you are for the new chapter in their lives. Plus, no one can be disappointed with a plant! It’s a gift that really does keep on giving.

5)  Pet Treats

Even though moving is exciting for the people involved, it can be a traumatic experience for any furry members of the household. It’s difficult because you can’t explain to them what is happening, and the process can seem big and scary. In addition to sharing a few tips about how to potentially  make the move easier  on them, a great  custom housewarming gift  is a big jar of pet treats to help smooth over some of the rougher spots (no pun intended).

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Keep in mind that some pets may have allergies to certain foods so, if it’s possible, try to find a way to find that information out before you purchase any treats (just don’t make it obvious!). If you’re unsure, you can always go with a hypoallergenic treat just to be safe. 

When you choose a beautiful, unique pet treat jar that fits in with their home’s design scheme and fill it with treats that you know their pet will love, you may be able to make that transition just a little bit easier on them. 

In addition, why not include a hand-written note to your bespoke gift. This will add a little charm and will surely be received with open arms and remembered as a thoughtful gift to honour such a milestone for new home owners.

If you have any additional items to add on to the list please leave your comments in the box below😊 


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