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Make Christmas Paw-special

December 15, 2022 2 min read

It will be a little different this year for most of us as we celebrate Christmas. You won't notice much difference on the day itself, but the days leading up to it will be different. Paw and Glory note several Christmas events will be canceled, and most people won't be able to see family as they normally do. Christmas this year won't be any less special because of that, but it can still be a very special one withPaw and Glory. If your social calendar is packed at this time of year, you may even find yourself with plenty of free time. Nonetheless, many will worry about how to occupy themselves at home with the extra time. Let's look at how to make Christmas at home extra special this year by following our top tips.

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Start a new tradition!

Those who usually stay with relatives for Christmas will be at home all by themselves this year, so now is the perfect time for a new family tradition! The family can enjoy them regardless of how expensive or complicated they are. Using Paw and Glory you could gift a custom printing mugor picture t-shirt to your loved ones.

Slow down and enjoy it!

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Why not surprise your friends and family this Christmaswith a customised puzzle pet portraitsof a favoured pet, or a professional pet photo in the theme of a favoured show or series you know your loved one follows like Friends or Gavin & Stacey. You will totally surprise them and the look on their face will be priceless.

Give a personalised gift!

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The idea of doing something like this might not appeal to everyone, but if you enjoy surprising family and friends, then look at what you could make for gifts this year... Also, if you are feeling a bit tight, this can be a great way to save some pennies. There may even be a chance that you could discover that you have a hidden talent for taking awesome pictures because you may find that you have a hidden talent that you never knew existed! So use Paw & Glory to be the talking of your Christmas gathering with a personalised pet portraits and custom pet canvas for someone special this holiday.


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