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Can Custom Pet Portraits From Photos Ever Be Considered as Art?

November 17, 2020 2 min read

Plan to transform your fur baby into a Renaissance Pet Portrait hero? Paw & Glory have you covered! Our pet artists can create a masterpiece without your precious pet having to sit still for hours on end like back in the day. 

We can incorporate your pet into a variety of products in addition to our amazing pet portraits.

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Do Renaissance Pet Portraits from Paw & Glory intend to make your pet look a bit silly? The answer is YES! But that doesn't mean you won't love it! All you have to do is pick your favourite theme and your pet will be transformed.

We have a wide range of costumes to choose from in our Renaissance Pet Portrait designs or if you are looking for something more vibrant we even can transform your pet with our Pop Culture Pet portrait designs. Our pet artists will turn a picture of your dog or cat into the perfect poised pet that they always are,  "Renaissance Pet Portraits" style, dressed up as a queen or soldier. Take inspiration from Renaissance era pet portrait to select a suitable costume.

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Animals feature in Renaissance Art heavily. Mainly to serve as metaphors and portray hidden messages. Many animals portrayed contradictory meanings and served to show the feelings of the artist. Many well known artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and often placed animal imagery within his artwork. 

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There are much less standard animals, as well, in Renaissance art. The hermit St Jerome was shown with a tame lion. Hans Holbein's Picture of a Woman with a Squirrel as well as a Starling reveals an actual Tudor female presenting with her pet squirrel on her arm, consuming a nut. It gets on a small lead that she holds in between finger and also thumb, while a bird sets down on a branch behind her.

While you may not envision such a grand pose with your own pet being so easy to pull off at Paw and Glory we can create the perfect pet portrait for you. Head to the themes page and start choosing your very own custom pet portrait.

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