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Pets in uniform – Anniversary gift ideas

February 24, 2022 3 min read

The love that you share with a special person in your life is always worth celebrating, but the anniversary of your wedding or the day you met is an especially notable milestone that calls for some extra celebration!  You and your person may have been through many ups and downs, made many unforgettable memories, and maybe even share a few furr babies together!

If your person is a pet-lover,  there’s no better way to celebrate a special anniversary than by giving them anunforgettable gift that involves their favourite furry friend. Pets are a huge part of the relationships that their owners share, and your pet deserves to be honoured and recognised on this special occasion. Below are a few purr-fect anniversary gifts for your favourite pet-lover!

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APaw & Glory pet portrait makes theperfect decor for the home you share with your partner. It’s a sweet, unique, and eye-catching piece of art that is sure to prompt conversations with anyone who comes to visit! Displayingpet portrait -themed art in your home lets everyone who comes in know what you care about most. 

Your partner is bound to have a huge smile on their face when they see your pet’s adorable face painted in one of Paw and Glorys signature costumes! And, when it comes to giving gifts, there’s nothing better than seeing a special person in your life smile – no matter how big or small a gift is, that’s what matters most.

Paw and Glory Portraits Are Personalised For Your Partner And Your Pet! 

When you get acustom pet portrait from Paw and Glory, you have plenty of freedom to personalise your artwork so that your partner will love it even more. There are pages and pages ofadorable costumes to choose from that your pet can wear in their portrait, and when you are giving a pet portrait as a gift, you can find one that your partner will absolutely love.

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With lots of costumes to choose from, Paw & Glory's Pet portraits have a theme for every pet personality – there’s something for everyone. If your partner loves a specific movie or TV show, chances are there’s a costume for your pet that is inspired by what they love to watch! For the horror movie fans, you can get apersonalised pet portrait of your pet dressed as Freddy Krueger or Chucky, making for an eye-catching combination of absolutely adorable and a little spooky. 

Forsci-fi lovers, there are plenty of costumes to choose from inspired by Star TrekStar Wars, and more. You can make it look like your pet came straight from a galaxy far, far, away and catch the attention of anyone who steps into your home with any of these hilarious costumes! 

If your partner has a specific hobby or job that is a big part of their life, there’s likely a perfect pet costume for their present, too. Frommilitary uniforms tofootball gear, Paw and Glory's talented artists can make a personalised piece of artwork that perfectly captures both your pet and your partner’s favourite things. It’s the perfect anniversary gift for anyone who loves their pets!

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You Can Give The Gift Of Other Pet-Themed Awesomeness, Too. 

If you think that your partner would prefer something else over a portrait, Paw and Glory has you covered! There are plenty of options forpersonalised pet-themed presents that you can get for your partner for your 10th anniversary. This big milestone in your relationship is the perfect time to go the extra mile and get something special for your special person.

In addition to portraits, you can also get pet-themedphone cases,pillows,posters,blankets, and even coffee mugs for your partner. If your partner loves sweet, simple gifts, acoffee mug with your pet’s portrait printed on it is theperfect present for them! That way, they can always think about their favourite furry companion while they enjoy their favourite drink.

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