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The Benefits of Therapy Pets for Mental Health

May 26, 2022 2 min read


Therapy pets are pets that are trained to provideaffection andcomfort to people. They are used in a variety of settings, including hospitals and nursing homes, schools, prisons, and disaster areas. AtPaw and Glory we feel they should be celebrated. 

The benefits of therapy pets for mental health include:

-Increased levels of oxytocin (hormone associated with love).

-Reduced blood pressure.

-Improved sleep.

-Increased serotonin levels (hormone associated with happiness).

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Therapy pets have been used in social work, nursing and therapy for years. These dogs and cats provide companionship and comfort to those who are ill or struggling. Treating these Pets topersonalised blankets orfluffy custom pillows would be a lovely way to spoil a cat ordog you know that provides comfort to those in need.

Therapy Pets and their Unique Services to Our Mental Health

Therapy pets are often used in mental health settings to improve the mood of people. Why not celebrate a pet with apersonalised pet t-shirt, that promotes their honourable efforts Today, therapy pets are often used in mental health settings to improve the mood of patients. They can provide comfort and companionship for those who need it most. Additionally, therapy pets can also be paired with children during their visits to hospitals and schools for therapeutic purposes. For some children, this is their first exposure to an pet that isn't a pet or farm pet which can be very beneficial for them. AtPaw and Glorywe want to help you celebrate these furry friends withcustom styled gifts likesherpa fleece dog blankets

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Some Ways in Which Pets are Beneficial to Our Mental Health

Pets can be beneficial to our mental health they provide us with unconditional love, no matter what. So why not treat them toa personalised pet pillow orcustom fleece blanket. They also help us recover from trauma, as they provide us with a sense of safety and security. This is because they don't judge us or have expectations of us. They just want to be near us and provide comfort.  Lastly, pets can help improve our mood by providing companionship during difficult times.

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The Benefits of Therapy Pets for Mental Health

Therapy pets are used in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and other places where people are struggling with mental health.Paw and Glory recognise they provide comfort to those who need it and help them feel more at ease. We encourage you to spoil your pet and others you know that help people in need feel more comfortable and less alone. Pets have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels when they are present which is why therapy pets are so beneficial for those who need them. Pets are an excellent source of comfort and companionship not only for the person with a disability but also for their family. So,treat make their day with any of ourpersonalised and custom theme styled homeware and apparel.

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