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Top 5 Animal lover gifts

October 19, 2021 2 min read

Top 5 Animal Lover Gifts 

What’s better than one dog? Two dogs (especially if that second dog doesn’t require food or walking!) Dog owners will love this plush version of their dog, and the pup will love its new lookalike. 


We have, wait for it

One of a kind  custom pet portraits featuring your pet.  Our Renaissance collection features…

The Baroness - Despite her powers, she is a furry role model of kindness for the whole family, and her royal commitment to cuteness is adorable!

This unique gift is perfect for grandparents, friends and parents to give as a present for their birthdays, holidays or just because they deserve it.  

Prices start from £52.95 


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Custom pet throw pillows

Personalise a super  comfy throw pillow with a custom pet portrait of your furry friend. We now offer an incredibly comfy, plush throw pillow designed and crafted with care and attention. Our throw pillows make the perfect addition to any living space. Your pet’s portrait will be hand designed and printed using high quality ink. 

Prices starting from £37.95

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One of a kind customised mugs 

Combine your favourite morning beverage with one of our  custom pet portraits mugs featuring a picture of your beloved pet. Our high-quality custom photo mugs are beautiful yet durable. This custom mug comes in all white starring your adorable pets face. 

Prices starting from £25.99

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Custom pet phone case 

We all know pets love to protect their owners from all sorts of dangerous things, like squirrels, mice, spiders, and postmen. Well now your pet can protect your phone to, with our new transparent  elegant pet portrait phone cases

Prices starting from £26.99

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One of a kind custom pet portraits featuring your pet 

Capturing your pet’s unique facial expression and personality and turning your pet photo into an incredible one of a kind masterpiece, perfect to give as a  unique pet portrait gift to your family and friends. 

Prices start from £25.99


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When someone gives you a gift, it sends the message that you love and care about them. Your dog isn’t any different. There are so many  dog gift ideas to choose from. Your favourite four-legged friends will love that you included them in the holidays too, summer is coming to an end and we have Christmas in our thoughts, make sure you’re organised and avoid giving last minute to avoid disappointment.

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