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Travelling with your dog – some things you need to remember!

September 04, 2021 3 min read

If you're traveling anytime soon then here are some great tips and things to remember from thePaw and Gloryteam to make sure you and your pet have a great time. 

A car Journey 

It’s no secret that dogs love a good adventure… car rides included. But there are some things to remember when taking a pup in the car. First you have to make sure they are safe! You may consider a dog harness to keep them in their seat or if your dog is small, you might get a crate instead. If you’re taking your doggo on a long car ride you should make sure they’ve had a walk and been to the toilet before-hand so that they don’t get too restless or cause you some trouble. You’ll also need to plan food, water and any medications according to the diet schedule of your pup and the distance you will be going. Don’t forget waste bags! On the whole, dogs love car rides, they smell new scents and hear new sounds while discovering new places. 

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A Plane Ride 

Once you’ve made sure that it’s permitted for your dog to accompany you on your vacation there are some things you should remember. First you need to find the perfect pet carrier that your dog will be comfortable in. You should also have a bag with whatever your dog will need, for example a specific snack or toy that will keep them occupied if they get fidgety or agitated. Your doggo might be nervous as they are experiencing an unfamiliar journey but they will definitely feel safe and happy with you by their side!

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Travelling by Bus 

When taking your dog on the bus, one thing you’ll need to make sure of is that they’ve already been to the toilet, you definitely do not want to have an incident on the bus! It might be an idea to avoid rush hour but if you can't then just try to keep your dog calm and try to reassure members of the public who make a fuss. If your journey is long then you should take water and a snack with you. Our dogs are eager to join us wherever we go and that definitely shows just how much they adore us!

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A trip on the train

Traveling by train can sometimes be the easiest way to go but if you’re taking your pooch with you then keep some things in mind. If it’s your first journey then it would be a good idea to take it slow and allow your dog to familiarise themselves with the new environment they are entering. It’s also important that your dog is used to following instructions. Again, depending on the length of the journey you should plan snacks, water and toys. 

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Our dogs love to accompany us on our journeys just as much as we love to have them with us. If you really can’t take your dog with you then how about getting themed custom pet portraitPhone case orblanket.

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That way they can always be with you. If you really want to treat yourself then get your hands on a themed  Custom Pet Portrait of your adorable pooch . Just upload your photo, choose the theme and we’ll do the rest! 

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