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Is it me? The ultimate pet portrait!

September 19, 2021 6 min read

If you're thinking of buying custompet portraits of your unique, furry friend, you're most likely caught up in the enjoyment of the process. Choosing the right picture, selecting the best clothing, discovering a place to hang the portrait-- these are all exciting parts of buying your first custompet portraits.

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However have you ever wondered if your animal will in fact be able to recognise a portrait of themselves? We did! We needed to know more about how our pet dogs think and what they can recognize, so we did a little research study!Paw & Glory has the responses you're searching for.


Ok, How Can We Really Know What Our Pet Is Thinking?

It's not like we have a translator?


Pet to human translators have not yet been created. We have the next best thing ... people who have actually dedicated their whole lives to studying animal behaviour. Animal behaviourists take a close take a look at the methods that our canine companions use to connect to us and the world around them, which helps them have the ability to answer the questions that we so typically have about them.


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Let's face it. How many times have you looked at your pet and asked yourself, "I question what they are feeling today?" We sure have. We invest a lot time caring for our pets and providing our genuine love and devotion that it's typical to question if they return the feeling. While animal behaviourists can't in fact understand what your dog is thinking, they have actually studied them for long enough that they can make an exceptionally informed guess.


Can Our Pets Even Think?

This has been the focus of a great deal of research for years, starting all the way back with Charles Darwin in the 1850s. While they can't sit and submit an IQ test (and yes, there are IQ tests ... for canines, anyhow! More on that in a few), animals have revealed themselves to have an extraordinary depth of both physical and psychological capability.


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Much of what we believe to be real about animals and their capability to think  boils down to something called the Theory of Mind. The Theory of Mind is a concept that refers to whether a person (or animal) has the ability to not only understand that they have the psychological capability to think however likewise that their ideas may vary from others.


An excellent example of a manner in which animal behaviourists came close to comprehending whether canines can really display the Theory of Mind is in the method that they interact with their human beings. Everything comes down to treats.


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When studying pet dogs and the methods that they try to find treats from the individuals around them, canines usually look for the people who are facing them and especially those who are taking a look at them. That shows a kind of cognitive awareness and the ability to take note of the facial expressions of those around them, particularly when it comes to gaining the benefits. Of course they can think!


Dogs Can Think ... But Can They Feel?

Enjoying your canine work out how to get themselves a treat shows that they can believe and reason, but can they feel?Do they love us? We understand that they certainly feel the standard feelings, like worry, however does it get any more complex than that?


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Similar to actually understanding if canines can think, understanding if they feel more intricate emotions like guilt and shame ends up being a tougher job. While a lot of pet owners declare that their pet dogs will feel guilty after they've done something "wrong," a great deal of that comes down to something called anthropomorphizing. Basically, anthropomorphizing is associating human sensations and emotions to pets. 


When studying dogs and their capability to comprehend sensations and emotions, we can get the most details from how they appear to read us. In certain studies, dogs tended to have far more aversive responses when shown images of people with mad faces as they did those with smiling, delighted faces. This very same theory can be reached how they engage with other pets. They appear to be able to inform those spirited happy barks from the angrier, more aggressive ones.


Can Dogs Recognize Themselves?

Since we can't actually inquire, it is not likely that we'll ever truly know the answer to whether they can in fact acknowledge themselves, either in a mirror or in apet portrait. However, we can take what we know about our pets and apply that reasoning to attempt to respond to the question with a sensible amount of certainty.


Have you ever seen your pet dog stop to check themselves out in a mirror? The answer to that is likely no. Most pet dogs don't really take notice of their reflection, especially once they grow out of their puppyhood. This is a plain distinction from individuals who, even as babies, acknowledge themselves in the mirror. Dogs lack this type of self-awareness.


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For many animal behaviourists, this leads to the conclusion that pets can recognize themselves; it's that they don't care enough about themselves (given that they do not have an ego). As many of us with canines understand, they are often so much more concentrated on what we're doing than themselves. Unlike people, who can be exceptionally egotistical, pet dogs are selfless. What does their reflection matter anyway?


Ultimately, while we'll never know whether or not they "can" acknowledge themselves in a portrait of themselves, the real picture doesn't matter. It's the love that it represents, the fact that you care enough about your animal to include them plainly on the wall, that truly matters.



Even if dogs might recognize themselves, they probably wouldn't look after long. Much of this is since of a procedure that occurs in the animal world known as habituation. With time, even with the most amazing stimulus, dogs discover not to show their enjoyment. While that sounds awful, it's really a really good idea. If canines reacted as excitedly to every single thing that took place to them, they would be totally desensitized to the actual dangers that might take place.

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A Few Interesting Dog Facts

While we wish we could have told you that canines will have the ability to recognize themselves when you've put a huge, gorgeous image of their face on your wall, that simply isn't the case. And, even if they could, they 'd probably just wind up disregarding it in favor of their tennis ball or a scrumptious treat.


To make up for it, there were a couple of fascinating facts that we found throughout our research that we'd like to share with you!


Did you know that your pet dog's nose print is just as special as a human fingerprint? In truth, the Canadian Kennel Club (or CKC) has actually even started acknowledging nose prints as a way of identification. When it pertains to canine's noses, their uniqueness does not just stop there. They likewise have almost 255 million more "odor" receptors than human beings do, which is why they just stop and sniff the air all the time! They're probably smelling plenty of things that we can't (which is likely a good idea, in a lot of cases).


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Also, have you ever discovered that your pet curls up into a tiny ball when she or he sleeps? It's adorable to see them all cuddled up, nose under tail, snoozing away, right? While it is absolutely an adorable quality, there is a genuine biological reason behind why they sleep that way that might shock you. It's really a throwback to being "wild," when sleeping curled up assisted them to secure their organs from being attacked by predators.


Did you understand that cuddling your dog can in fact lower your blood pressure? In truth, in some research studies, just 15 minutes of cuddling your pet dog can bring your high blood pressure down by 10%. Not just that, however it sets off the body to launch a whole host of hormones that affect the body favorably-- serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin-- while likewise decreasing harmful cortisol levels. Spending quality time with your pet dog is in fact good for you!


And one last fact, so you don't feel too bad about your relationship with your family pet. Research studies have revealed that at least 45% of pet owners let their pets sleep in their bed with them. You're in great company.


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In Summary ...

Even though your canine likely will not be able to recognize that it is their adorable, fuzzy face that is being featured in their tailoredpet portraits orpillow, or care even if they do, that does not mean they do not enjoy the attention! When you like your pet enough to display them on your wall then why not get a pet portrait, that energy goes on to affect the rest of your lives together. A valued pet is a loved dog, and what dog doesn't be worthy of to be loved that method?

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