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Gifts For Dog Lovers: Top 10 Unique Ideas

November 16, 2020 4 min read

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If you're anything like us at Paw & Glory, you'll know at least 5 pet crazy people, and if your bestie or family member are a dog lover, you've probably given some thought as to which wacky pressie you can gift them. I love being that fun friend or top cousin that gifts the most unique gifts that makes your buddy jump with excitement and gasp with joy. 

There's a wide range of pet, specifically dog related gifts to be considered. We are here to help you create those mind blowing oh my gosh moments. Here's our top 10 gifts to make a loved ones day. 

Get comfy and get your credit cards out. Happy shopping!


#1) A Personalised Pet Portrait

This is our speciality so we are slightly biased..  if you have a super special dog lover in your life and you really want to blow them away,  our top recommendation is to have a custom-pet-portrait commissioned of their pet heartthrob. There's tons of outfits to chose from, from pop-culture pet portraits favourites to renaissance pet portraits must haves (such as Harry Potter or the Queen Regent herself). The awesome part is all you have to do is take a decent quality pic (headshot) of their beauty and upload it, Paw & Glory will do the rest! It has to be one of the best and most unique gifts to give - pieces of art to showcase in ones home. Not only is it custom to their pet it's a lovely touch to show you have gone that extra step for them. Trust me, they'll cherish it for years and years and you'll he remembered every time they set eyes on their new home centrepiece. 


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#2) A Pet-tastic Welcome Mat

If the pet mad friend you're buying a pressie for is the type of person that wants the entire world to know who the centre of their life is (ahem.. their pet)

think about buying them a pet-tastic welcome home mat. Etsy is the go to place to get plenty of options, for example “My Pet Lets Me Live Here”, “Wipe Your Paws,” or “Dog Mom,” Welcome home mats will let everyone visiting their home know how much they adore their pets and not only will you get friend credits, you'll be gifting them with a super cool trendy gift.

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#3) Matching Friendship Bracelets

We all have those friends who can't bare to be separated from their fur baby..  well here's the perfect gift for them, matching friendship bracelets are an ideal gift to nurture that bond. These sets come with a custom pet collar for the pup, and a matching bracelet for the owner. It allows the your dog lover friend to show off their special connection with their pet in a classy, subtle and creative way. A statement piece that needs no words! You can thank us later, but we aren't finished yet!

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#4) Portable Dog Water Bottle

For life’s fun and active dog lovers, you should consider gifting them a portable dog water bottle. These bottles are a fair price and easy to buy online as they are stocked by many stores online. They allow for longer and more enjoyable walks or hikes for our dog loving friends, taking away the worry of their pet getting dehydrated. We are all about those thoughtful and helpful gifts here at Paw & Glory.  

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#5) A Phone Case Featuring Their Pet

If you have a pet crazy family member or friend that’s always attached to their phone, then the perfect gift that’s a no-brainer has to be a custom pet phone case. Not only will they be able to carry their pet around with them wherever they go, you will be gifting them a brilliant conversation starter. This will surely earn you the status of being the best gift giver in your circle – you can thank us later!

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#6) Gift Cards

We all have those picky, tricky dog-lover mates that are notoriously fussy and difficult to buy for; well we have the perfect solution for that! Why not buy our pawesome Gift Cards, a thoughtful gift that takes the pressure of the giver to get the right thing. You can also bag yourself a good deal from Barkbox & Etsy

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#7) Dog Socks

No.. not just any ol dog socks, personalised dog socks with your loved ones pet face printed on.. yes!! these are all the rage at the moment. Establish yourself as a trendsetter by gifting your loved ones a gift that that they'll cherish and won't leave you broke.  Etsy would be our first point of call to start searching for the must have pair, there's plenty of other online stores that specialise in all kinds of sock designs. Like our site, its as easy as uploading your loved ones pet photo, submit your order and leave the company and their designers to do the rest. There's no doubt, this unique and thoughtful gift will go down well with your loved ones. 

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#9) Personalized Pet Portrait Coffee Mug

If that special person your gifting isn’t into booze and chooses to be sober, there is a reliable and alcohol free gift option that still encapsulates and celebrates their love for their pooch. Sounds like a familiar bind you find yourself in? Well, not to worry, like i said, we got you covered! The perfect gift we would recommend is a personalised pet photo mug.. and yes, we have a wide range for you to choose from. Your giftee will no doubt enjoy showing off their pet in the office or when friends come over. 

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#10) Subscription Boxes

Last but by no means least, with so many subscription box options popping up daily, buying a subscription (even for a few months) will make a great gift for both the owner and the pet. Their pet will enjoy getting their own, exciting box of personalised treats and toys monthly, and the pet owner will love snatching a few silent moments to sit back and relax whilst their pets play. 

With all these options (we humbly take a bow) no matter which one you choose for your loved one, when all is said and done, it's all about the thought and intention we have towards gifting someone we love that counts. Adding that personal touch goes a long way and we at Paw & Glory love to see the happy faces of our customers and pets.

Gift your loved one with anything from our range and enjoy 15% off with the promo code 15OFF sitewide. 




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