The 8 Best Healthy Dog Treats of 2020

by Lucy Hadi on September 15, 2020


The 8 Best Healthy Dog Treats of 2020


Want to surprise your dog with a reward for being good? Offering Natural dog treats or homemade dog treats could be the way to reflect your proudness of their good behavior. Dogs are fond of healthy dog treats such as beef ears, pork ears, etc.  Confused about which treat to buy?  Here are the top 8 health drog treats you can look out for.


1.    Grain-free oven-baked dog treat

This by far is the most popular dog treat and can be served to puppies as well as adult dogs. This treat is made up of lamb, carrot & potatoes and provides healthy food to your lovely companion.

2.    Churro style sticks  by Dreambone

Dogs love to eat treats during training. This is the best option that suits the budget and can be provided to small-sized dogs.

3.    Grandma Lucy’s oven-baked treat 

This is the best organic dog treat option. Made of pumpkin, suits all the breeds and is closely matched with homemade dog treats.

4.    V-dog breath bones regular

This is a good vegan treat for your loved pet. Healthy and easily digestible treat which is suitable for all the breeds.

5.    Nudges Jerky Chews

Made up of chicken, this treat is good for a small to medium-sized dog.

6.    Natural daily dental treat by Whimzees

Treat that suits the mouth of the larger dogs and hence is the best buy for the large-sized pet.

7.    Zukes mini natural

Best used for training the puppies as it is soft to chew.

8.    Full mon savory sticks

Each stick is worth 50 calories and is a healthy dog treat for a medium-sized dog.


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