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Make Pet owners feel extra special with these customised gifts 

February 21, 2022 2 min read

Do you have a special occasion coming up? And wondering what isthe perfect gift that can show how much you care for someone? Is that special someone also apet parent? ThenPaw and Glory thinks that acustomised pet gift will instantly win that special heart!

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Personalised Pet mug 

Apersonalised mug with an adorable picture of their furry baby would be theperfect gift that will accompany your pet loving friend in their daily life. You can never go wrong with a mug since there is nothing like spending down time with a hot cuppa. We can make the mug unique by dressing the pets in your favourite tv character or yourfavourite hobby and make it that extra special!

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Customised Movie poster of their pet face 

We all have that one friend who enjoys their pass time slouched on their couch watching movies, eating popcorn and cuddle up with there furry companions. If that is the case, then aposter of their pet dressed as their favourite film character would make them jump over the moon. 

Having aunique pet poster in the movie room can make them feel like they are in their own cinema. However, it would be way more interesting because these unlike the ordinary posters at the pictures, these posters have their furry baby’s as there stars!

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If you love the idea ofturning your pet into a movie star then pick your favourite movie and we can turn this into any of ourPaw and Glory products

Pet portrait blanket 

Everyone relishes warm, comfortable beds with soft,cosy blankets during the cold days after an exhausting working day. So any pet lover would appreciate a lovelycustomised pet blanket to snuggle up with there furr babies.  

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Why apersonalised gift is the most valued gift for anyone?

Currently most people are picking themselves up from the pandemic and are working day by day and gift giving is most likely less sentimental. But we all know that the gift is valued by the though and dedication of one to another rather than the material gift itself. That is why a gift that is specially customised for an individual is not only meaningful and shows how much your know about the person, but is also one of a kind. 

What are your favourite pet gifts? 

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