Shipping Times

Generally, if you live in the UK it takes 3-5 working days for orders to arrive with you once you have approved your preview. Changes and additional photo requests can prolong this. If you haven’t received your order within 10 working days please get in touch with us to let us know. International orders can take longer depending on where you live, but generally it takes 5-15 working days from the moment you order.

Approval Process

We will always ensure you are 100% happy with your portrait before we print and ship to you. You will receive a preview of your artwork within 5 working days for you to approve. At this stage you can make any changes you’d like. Once you’re happy, you can approve the portrait for print. We will then print and ship the art to you.

We will only ship your artwork  if we have sent follow up emails and not heard back from you. Our aim is to provide you with the best quality possible so we ask that you upload images that meet our image guidelines. You can cancel your order at anytime up until printing and any changes at this stage may affect shipping times.

Delivery Estimates (once preview is approved)

We have partnered up pawsome print peeps in your location so hold your paws and be gentle, we aim to  you paw-lease you!

UK: 3-5 working days
EU: 5-8 working days
CA, AUS, USA: 5-8 working days
Rest of the World: 10-15 working days

Shipping Charges

Free shipping on UK and USA orders over £100 

UK: £3.99 - £6.99 dependent on the product
EU (unframed): £6.99
EU (framed): £8.99
EU Canvas: £6.99
EU Large Canvas: 17.99
Rest of the World (unframed): £3.99
Rest of the World (framed): £13.99
Rest of the World Canvas: £19.99
Rest of the World Large Canvas: £39.99