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What makes the best personalised pet gift?

September 18, 2021 4 min read

When it comes to that gift giving time of year (Be it Christmas, Easter, The Hubby's Birthday or National Pet Your Pup Day!), we all start racking our brains to figure out - What will make that perfect "OMG, Where did you get it" kiind of gift?

Whether your shopping for you Mum, or your fellow Pet sweetheart.. Paw & Glory has got your back!

In this blog, we have delved deep into exploring the answer to this burning question that has been keeping you up at night. So we'll say "You're welcome!" In advance.

Wow, your giftee this year with a pressie that truly shows how much you love them and how much thought you've put into picking the perfect gift for them. 

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Was my gift good enough? 

Anyone can grab a ready made gift off the shelf at the last minute, but to go the extra mile, with really no extra hassle, will leave your loved one in awe of you for years... yes, years!.

There's actually a psychology to it.. did you know that there is a whole part of  research devoted to exploring the "types" of presents one receives? With so many gift-giving occasions dotted throughout the year such as Christmas, birthday celebrations, and commemorations, the strain to feel like you're hitting the nail on the head can be overpowering and colossal.

Take a breather and relieve yourself of the guilt - because we have enough stress in life. We'll let you into a little secret - It truly isn't the actual gift that's important. It's the thought that counts. Even if you make something with your own beautiful hands -  it's the ideas, love and care behind the gift that's important more so than the cash you spend. 


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Personalised Pet Portraits and Other custom gift ideas

Custom gifts are an extraordinary idea for any pet crazy loved one in your life. When it comes to deciding on which custom pet gift to go for, be assured with the knowledge that even considering creating a custom gift will go down a treat with the giftee.. It shows how much thought and consideration you've put into the gift, and also shows how much you love and adore them and their fur baby. 

Now this is where we brag a bit.. 

So - like you probably already know! (ahem.. press the home button and have a gander if you didn't know!) we at Paw & Glory specialise in custom pet portrait gifts. From Pet Portraits, To Custom Pet Blankets, we have you covered. 


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Custom Pet Portraits

Celebrate your pet or your loved ones pet with  lifelike, highly detailed custom pet portraits. The genius of custom pet portraits is having a true representation of your pet in a costume and theme of your choice. There really aren't many other customized gifts that have a similar kind of "WOW" factor. They genuinely are a show-stopper!

To create your personalised pet portraits, simply get a front facing, clear image of your pet. The best part is, we can create masterpieces for all kinds of pets - not just cats and dog, we have had customer send us animals ranging from parrots to iguanas and they all turn out perfect!  


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The only choice you need to make is which theme you are going to go for. Then sit back and relax while our pet artists turn your photo into a masterpiece. It goes without saying that any pet lover will appreciate having the option to drape an exceptional piece of costume artwork on their beloved pooch, enabling them to show off exactly how significant their pet is to them while keeping with the tasteful décor of their home.


Custom pet portrait mugs

A custom pet portrait mug is the perfect gift for someone who loves their pet as much as their hot drinks. Whether they enjoy winding down with a cup of tea or gearing up for the day with a strong coffee seeing their beloved pet every time they have a sip is a great way of keeping a smile on their face.


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In the event that you truly need to raise the stakes, consolidate the custom mug with some treats for them and their pet whether that's teabags or coffee beans or even home made biscuits alongside dog treats. A hamper mixed with treats for the special person in your life and their pet is the perfect way to brighten their day.  


Custom comfy-cosy Gifts

When it gets cold outside there is nothing better than snuggling in a blanket with your furry friend. From custom duvet covers, blankets, throws and pillows we have the perfect cosiest custom gifts to treat yourself or a loved one. You can even include a picture of yourself or the owner of the pet to make it an extra special gift! 


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In Summary


A customised gift from Paw and Glory is perfect for anytime of the year. Whatever you choose we guarantee that it will bring a smile to their faces and capture memories in a fun, unique way!


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With Paw and Glory, you can never choose a bad gift! So get choosing! 


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