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Astrology: What’s Your Pets Sign

May 26, 2022 2 min read


Ever wondered what makes your pet tick, why some, pets are more boisterous than others. And why some, seem calmer, less mischievous. If you did not know there is such a thing as Astrology concerning pets. Here atPaw & Glory, we believe it is fun to celebrate their signs, being that no two pets can be the same, just as us humans, no two are completely alike. 

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Even when two pets grow in the same environment as your home, they can still be completely different. For example, one pet might be attentive, affectionate while another might be serious and opposed to change. We see different personalities and think they should be celebrated. This is something we would relish helping you do with our many products catering to you and your pet.


With various items to choose from I can attest you will be spoilt for choice not only with our selection but also with the different styles and themes we offer. For example, based on your pets sign you could make acustom animal blanket with a personalised theme,personalised pet pillowscustomised style based on a favourite movie or tv show you might like.  The other option you might consider is acustom coffee mug,would be a lovely treat for yourself. 

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You know how much your little ones adore the family pet, there are so many ways you can treat your children, your pet and of course yourself. With numerous items to choose from you may find yourself coming back again to design apersonalised pet printed socksfor your son, orcustomised pet hoodie,custom pet sweatshirt, any of which would look great in a particular style or theme of your design. For example you might choose to have acustom pet print t shirt of your cat or dog in the design of Puss in Boots would be an option to consider. 

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When deciding on an item to style and design for commiserating your beloved furry friend birth sign. You may find yourself  taking into consideration the different themes and styles we have available. Picture your furball styled in one of our artwork styles like Cartoon or Minimalist design of your favourite character on acustom pet canvas orpersonalised framed pet portraits in costume would look amazing hanging on your sitting room wall or even betterprinted on a fluffy custom blanket you could easily snuggle under on the sofa. 

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We both know you do not need much of an excuse to capture your furry friend, just seeing those adoring eyes and smiling face, placing your loved pet ona custom tote bag, or personalised pet phone case and even apet painting portraits. It will be so enjoyable choosing a favourite theme and style in which you have always pictured your furry friend. Anything you choose will be a point of topic at any conversation. Be sure to take a picture and share with us.

Also in Fun Pet Art Styles: Cartoon - Modern - Pop Art

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