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Memorialise Your Furry Friend

May 25, 2022 2 min read

Loss is never easy and yet it hits us all regardless of age, sex, or race. With the loss of a pet who you raised from a puppy or kitten to their grand old age can cut just as deep being that your pet becomes a family member. There are no specified rituals when it comes to mourning a loss of a pet, but we at Paw & Glory believe it is important not just for closure but also for peace to remind yourself to commiserate the love and bond you had for your pet. A wonderful way to do just that would be one of the few ways we have outlined for you below. Starting with the following:

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# 1 Personalised Print

There are so many options when it comes to a print. You honestly could have more than one. For example, apersonalised pet canvas of your beloved pet as you remember them, and a custom design of your pet in a chosen theme or style to speaks to your favourite show, character, or actress/actor. These can be placed ona custom pet canvas portrait that would look lovely on a wall, apersonalised framed poster you could hang in the sitting room. 

Because we hear time and again from our customers the joy and happiness transforming their sweet pet unto a unique work of kind brings, not only for themselves but as a gift you could alsopet painting portraits can be done in any of the styles we offer such as Minimalist, Modern, Cartoon, Modern Pop Art and Pop Art. Any of which you might choose to design with a theme. 

With simply an image of your pet's charming face (ideally taken in natural light, at eye level), you can pick from various attires at Paw & Glory  that allow you to actually record your pet's real essence. You'll have the ability to produce a memory that will make you smile each time you see it. We lovepet canvas prints since they really are a work of art, one that not many people can say they have. 

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 # 2 Blankets.

A conventional and special method to show the love you have for your pet is by having their photo memorialized in afluffy custom blanket. In addition, being able to cuddle up under a warm, comfortingpersonalised pet fleece blanket with your pet's likeness on it is a brilliant kind of self-care. With tension in the world, self-care is critical. Mental Health might be like a fashionable word, but it enables you to be better to yourself, in turn, being better to the those around you.

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 # 3 Coffee Mugs.

As much as you are commiserating a beloved pet, remember to treat yourself also with a custom make your own coffee mug. You can design as you wish. 

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