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Have You Heard of Fun Ways to Spoil Your Pet

May 25, 2022 2 min read


Although “Spoil Your Dog Day” is not till August 10th, I, like so many others see no reason you cannot indulge and spoil your favourite furry friend more often. We encourage you to check out our absolute best goodies to spoil your pet, yourself or a loved one this year.  A photo of your furry friend would be great on any of our various accessories such as a personalised mug. That one special mug you could use at work, showing off your favourite furball, that all your colleagues and friends adore as much as you do. On our site you can customise said mug.  

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A personalised mug is just one of the assorted items we have to offer. That will help you memorialise your favourite pet. But remember to spoil that furry friend too with any of our other custom and personalised items you can choose from to treat your pet. For example a personalised pet blankets you could easily use to make your pets bed more comfortable, print pet on pillows your furball could enjoy sinking into as they relax on a cool spring afternoon on or a chilly night and designer pet beds you could put at the end of your bed, for your pet to comfortably sleep in after, a fun day of walks in and galivanting.

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From my experience these assorted items are a fantastic addition in the home supplying comfort to my pet, I often see trying to roll around on the bed or bury the blanket under the comfortable pillow. All of which are affordable and amazing quality and do not get me started on the print of the picture you choose to print on an item you choose. You will be coming back again, and again to treat friends and family with custom, personalised gifts to share. 

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Can honestly say with confidence you will be spoilt for choice on our website. With various blankets, pillows, beds, to customise and personalise for your best furry friend. It will not take you long to upload that one picture you love of your furball, pulling that cute face and sweet eyes that always makes you smile, ear to ear. Go through the process and making sure you pick your best pet photo. With a clear image of it is face. Upload and allow us the pleasure of printing the picture on your chosen it.  And be sure to let us know exactly how you would like it. Even better, it would be great if you could take a picture of yourself with the received item. We always appreciate feedback. 

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