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5 Ways To Mark Your Pets Birthday

May 05, 2022 2 min read


You have been wondering how you could commemorate your pet’s birthday in 2022.  You know we have got you covered atPaw and Glory.With brilliant gift ideas you may not have thought of, your furball will be in for a pleasant surprise. We know how precious pets are, so it is our pleasure to provide you with options to treat your pet and yourself. 

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Luckily atPaw and Glory, you can customise a gift to suit your pet. For instance, your pet could have its ownpersonalised bedwith your favourite picture of your pet on it. If you wanted to have fun with your customisation, you could customise the gift with a custom theme, style, or design such as your favourite, actor, actress, character from a film and tv show, occupation, renaissance, or minimalist design. You could choose apersonalised pet blanket for you and your pet to curl up on the sofa watching Netflix or a favoured film.  Even a personalisedpet fleece blanket is an alternative to just a blanket, for those cool evening or chilly nights. With a touch of artistry on the design quoting #ppuurrffeect under a custom modern pop art photo of your beloved furball printed on thepersonalised fluffy blanket. 

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If you have noticed your pet has a favourite spot it goes to, why not put acustom pet pillow there. You would be surprised just how much, it will be enjoyed and used for snuggling on. That sounds pet is make when their content and feel loved is reward enough. These pillows are unfathomably fluffy, and incredibly comfortable.

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If your kids are anything like mine, they are so-in-love with our pet. It is like another family member, so birthdays must be celebrated.  Treat your child to acustom pet artwrok printed on t shirts. check out our partner site for personalised pet t-shirt of their favourite furry friend with a special message#JustThe2ofUs or something like that to commiserate all those lovely lessons your pet has taught your child as they’ve grown together. Your child seeing your pet from a kitten to its age today. 

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Delight in the celebrations with a gift for yourself, acustom mug of pet is an awesome memento or a specialpersonalised coffee mug of petwill be delightful and just for you to possibly use at work. It will certainly stand out from the others. 

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 “Purr-don me,” you can’t forget a custom design hanging on your wall. Acustom pet portraits, personalised pet canvas or aframed pet poster, any of which would make a lovely addition in your home or as a gift. After all you ought to get the culminate blessing for a pet lover for their birthday,Paw and Glory have you secured. With special, custom work of art that's bound to urge both chuckles and “awws” from anybody that sees it, we’re able to make this pets birthday one you and your loved ones will never forget. 

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