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How to Hang Your Pet Portrait Purrr-fectly

May 19, 2022 2 min read

So, you have actually chosen your pet portrait and uploaded your pic, waited patiently for the postman to come and excitedly opened the parcel.

You're the proud owner of Paw & Glory pet art. Now what?!

It's time to hang up your image of course!

We understand that this can be the most tedious and discouraging stage, so in case you're a little anxious about going freehand with a hammer, the Paw & Glory team have actually created a convenient guide to help you hang your brand-new picture purrfectly.

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Step 1: Pick the perfect area.

Perhaps, the most crucial action. Where are you going to proudly hang your bespoke print? Is it the first thing you desire your visitors to see in the passage when they walk into your home? Or is it going pride-of-place above the mantlepiece? Maybe in the downstairs loo? Wherever you choose, make sure there suffices space around it which you can hang at an excellent height.

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Step 2: Make your mark.

When you have actually found the best area, take a pencil (not a pen!) and make a small cross where you 'd like the nail to enter. That way, you know it's going to be hung precisely where you desire it.

Action 3: Nailed it.

It's time to get to work! Get your nail and carefully position it over your pencil-drawn 'X'. Keep your fingers as near to the wall as possible. Now, (accountable grownups only please!), grab your hammer and carefully tap the nail till it is strongly in the wall. The trick is to take your time-- go too quick and you might end up flexing the nail, or worse, producing a nasty huge hole in your wall!

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Step 4: The decisive moment.

Now you have actually popped on your hook, you're ready to hang your picture! Carefully place the string onto the hook and voila! It's best to grab a family member or pal for this part, to inspect that the picture is straight. Two pairs of eyes are always much better than one! Or, if you want to be incredibly accurate, why not utilize a spirit level to see if the bubble is in the middle?

Bish, bash bosh, task done.

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