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Heart Touching Dog and Pet Memorial Gifts To Uplift Owners

September 04, 2021 2 min read

Furever In Our Memories - Heartfelt Memorial Gifts

Each of us regards our dog as a devoted best friend and a member of our family. Coming home from a long day of work and seeing the dog wagging its tail overflow with joy will always be the greatest delight for many people.

The loss of a pet may be as devastating as the loss of a family member, but you can help relieve your friends’ pain by sending one of our memento gifts.

Pet owners will appreciate thesedog memorial gifts, which might commemorate the lives of their adored pets. 

If you’re looking for some ideas, we’re confident you’ll discover the appropriate pet loss gift below that will provide some support and comfort to the grieving.

Sending some personalised gifts for dog lovers is an effective method to inspire owners after they have said farewell to their beloved pet. Grieving the death of a pet is a painful but necessary healing process.

We at Paw & Glory have thought hard and here we’ve listed a few precious treasures that will help keep those memories alive and stay with them forever.

  1. Personalised pet portrait mug– customized dog remembrance gifts are meaningful keepsakes that commemorate your beloved pals. Allow these bespoke mugs to become a permanent feature in your home.
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  2. Personalized dog portrait blanket– we truly understand what you have suffered from lonely nights tossing and turning and couldn’t stop you thinking of your pet friend. Let us send you a warming hug from your dearest and snuggle up. This ideal present may warm the air with your favourite photographs of losing your furry friend. 
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  3. Personalised pet canvas – you spent all day deeply grieved, unable to stop missing your furry companion, didn’t you? Let this personalised canvas brighten your day. Your friend will want you to smile as he’ll always be by your side.
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  4. Personalised pet portrait pillow– these personalised pillows will send you to sleep in memory of your deceased friend. Don’t be scared of being lonely. Bedtime is no longer a nightmare but a sweet dream in which your dog stays by your side. You may hold these customised pillows like you’re embracing your beloved dog, and fill the house with memorable moments with him to cherish for years to come.
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  5. Personalised framed pet portrait – you might have felt horrible and can't stop missing your best friend. But now, you can save your memories or the good old days when you both spent time with each other with this customised portrait.
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Bring your furry friend back to life with a cherishedpet portraits or any of our other gifts perfect for keeping their memories alive. We can’t bring them back but we can remember them in a beautiful way! 


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