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It’s a dog’s life at Downton Abbey

September 04, 2021 2 min read

We all know and love the series Downton Abbey which tells the story of the Crawley family and their life. The beautiful estate, the charm of the characters and the brilliant script had the nation gripped. It really was the attention to detail that made this historical drama stand out from any other. Every scene was beautiful, from the costumes, estate or the vintage cars, it was all stunning to watch.  

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One thing you may not have noticed was the dog that was in the show or should we say dogs! The Crawley family’s dog was called Pharaoh. He was played by a gorgeous yellow labrador retriever, whose actual name was Roly. In the second season, Roly sadly died and another labrador joined called Isis but he too was replaced by a lovely dog called Abbie.

They featured in many scenes including the opening credits. In many episodes we often see the dog either walking with Lord Crawley or sitting majestically by the fire. In one particularly beautiful scene we see Isis sitting near the fireplace with a party going on around her and dancers dancing while she looks on.     

Isis featured in the house but also at thegarden party, church bazaar and other famous scenes. Isis played the role with style. He just looked so regal, loyal and playful.

Facts aboutLabradors:

They are one of the world’s most versatile dog breeds

Labradors can do almost anything because of their enthusiasm to please, and willingness to work hard. They make ideal choices for service dog work, as well as search and rescue, bomb and drug detection, and therapy dog work. 

They are primarily bred for hunting

They were first used to retrieve ducks back in the 1800’s. These days they work in waterfowl and game hunting.  


They love the water!

They are fast swimmers because they have webbed feet and thick, waterproof coats which keep them happy in cold water. They also have thick tails (sometimes called an “otter tail”) which they use as a powerful rudder. 

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They have endless energy

Although we see them really laid back in Downton Abbey, they are in fact very energetic. They need plenty of exercise, more than other breeds.  

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They come in 3 colours

Labrador Retrievers come in three colours which are yellow, black, and chocolate.


They make great sporting dogs

They are known for their aptitude, obedience and eagerness to please which makes them great at a variety of dog sports. 

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Whether you have a labrador or any other dog, if you are a Downton Abbey Fan then you need to check out our Downton Abbey ThemedCustom Pet Portraits! Our stunning canvases are truly a unique way to capture the true essence of your pet’s personality and show them off. Be sure to check out our themed pet portraits mugs, cushions and blankets too as we at Paw & Glory have a style to suit all pets. It's easy to order, just upload your photo and choose the theme. Leave the rest to us!


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