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Mothers Day Gift Ideas that’ll Wow her socks off

February 03, 2022 3 min read

Our furry friends are our children, and as dog parents we pour our heart into the care of our pups, so it’s always lovely to return the love to dog mums! Here’s some inspiration forMother’s Day presents for dog mums.

People who deeply love their dogs are often big-hearted, joyful individuals who love to celebrate and have a great time. One of the best ways to make a dog lover in your life feel loved on mothers day is by giving them a gift that allows them to spend some quality time with their dog.

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Pet Portrait Mugs For Dog Lovers 

Everyone can use a good mug. Whether it’s for drinking coffee, tea, or another favourite drink, a great mug makes aperfect gift. For a dog lover in your life, one of the best possible gifts you can give is a pet portrait mug fromPaw and Glory!

These adorable mugs allow a dog lover to proudly display their pet’s likeness on their favourite cup. A Paw and Glory pet portrait mug can feature a painting of a dog in one of a wide variety of themed costumes. The costume options offered by the Paw and Glory range from regal renaissance regalia to outfits reminiscent of your favourite characters from movies and TV. If you know a dog lover who is deeply devoted to a specific fandom or hobby, you can bet there’s a costume here that will make them smile.

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Cosy Custom Dog Blankets

Who doesn’t love to snuggle up and watch some Netflix while cuddling with their dog after a long day? There’s nothing better in life – except when you and your dog get to share a soft, fuzzy customised pet blanket

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With one of Paw and Glory’scustom pet blankets, a dog lover in your life can enjoy some cosy snuggles with their dog, staying warm under their new favourite blanket. Plus, each of these blankets is custom-made with a print of a pet’s likeness, decked out, of course, in an adorable costume. 

Customised Pillow

What goes in hand with a gorgeous customised blanket? A supercomfy throw pillow with a Paw and Glory Renaissance portrait based on your pet. We offer an incredibly comfy, plushy throw pillow designed and crafted with care and attention. Our throw pillows make the perfect addition to anyliving space, bedroom, dorm room and more. Order both products today so your mum can cosy up in the evening with her favourite furr ball!


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Personalised phone case 

Why not spoil your mum with acustom phone case, we all know pets love to protect their owners from all sorts of dangerous things, like squirrels, mice and postmen. Well now your pet can protect your phone too :D

Choose your mum's favourite costume, upload your pet photo, and we'll do the rest! Our team of talented designers will seamlessly turn your pet into a regal portrait and print you a one of a kind phone case - your mum will love it!

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Personalised Puzzle 

Does your mum love a puzzle? Paw and Glory can turn your pet into Renaissance royalty, with personalised portraits based on your pet photos. Print acustom pet portrait on a puzzleand have endless family fun! Our puzzles are theperfect gift to a pet owner, and provide a personal twist to a classicMothers Day Gift.

So, what else can you do to give your favourite dog lover a special day on Mother’s day? For one, you can treat them and their pet for a day at a local spa! Chances are, there is a business near you that specialises in pampering pets. If it is within your means, one of the best gifts you can give to a dog lover is a gift card to two spas – one for pets, and one for people!

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Everyone needs to get pampered every now and then – dogs and people alike. When you want to make a mum extra special, giving them and their dog a free trip to a spa lets both dog and owner have a relaxing day together, enjoying some quality time with each other and getting treated like royalty.

Overall, what matters most whenMother’s Day comes around is that they get to spend time with the people and pets that they love. Gifts like a pet portrait from Paw and Glory can make a dog lover’s birthday even more special, but at the end of the day, it’s all about spending quality time with the people and pets that you care about on Mothers Day. So, when Mother’s Day is approaching, make sure to go out of your way to do anything you can to make them feel special!

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