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Our Best Selling Pet Portraits

February 03, 2022 3 min read


Nobody wants to be the person who gives the same gift, over and over. Every year people strive to give the perfect,unique gift catered to exactly who the giftee is and what they’re into. The hard part is that it gets tougher every year! We’re here to help, with 5 unique pet portraits for everydog lover in your life. You should definitely try to mix it up this year, and give a gift you know will delight them in a new, fun, different way.

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One of the mostunique gifts you can get for any dog lover in your life is the gift of a custom pet portrait

These portraits makegreat gifts because they take something so common, like a portrait of a family member, and add the fun twist of using their pet instead. There are over 150 different outfit options to choose from, in fun styles like the renaissance period, firefighter, or hockey player. You just need to take a covert picture of their pet (preferably a close up taken at eye-level with the pet looking away from the camera), pick an outfit, and upload the photo.

It can take some time to create this type of masterpiece, so make sure to allow plenty of time for the custom artwork to be hand created and delivered. This type of surprise gift will be well worth the wait.   

We have compiled a list of our 5 custom pet portrait bestsellers in one place to get those gift ideas flowing!:

The General

There’s a clear chain of command in your fur-filled home, and your handsome boy is the highest in rank. You follow his every order like a dutiful soldier as he paw-lots his strategy to victory in the Great Battle of More Treats, Rubs, and Love.

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The Admiral

Your fur baby commands your attention. In a sea of toys and treats, you are at the direction of his navy of sweet noises and snuggles. Your ‘fleet’ing discipline is no match for his cuteness.

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The Princess

Your fur baby is pampered, sheltered, and spoiled. She’s a classy, sweet girl—but cross her the wrong way (ahem, too few treats or not enough love) and feel the wrath of her fur-y.

She is grace and dignity, yet rules the kingdom of your attention with an iron paw.

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The Grand Dame 

In her chosen field of being sweet and affectionate, your pet has achieved true greatness. Her service of snuggling and playfulness has made an extraordinary contribution to your happiness.

Without question, her excellence in adorableness deserves the honour of royal recognition.

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The Veteran

Not so long ago, your furry friend served honourably in the trenches of treatfare. He fought hard for his freedom to wag his tail or purr where he wanted, when he wanted.

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Meowadays, he might be showing a little sign of age—but he’s still as cute as ever.

Buying gifts for any occasion for the dog lover in your life doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience. Hopefully you’ve found something on this list to help, or that we’ve inspired you to something else that you know will be perfect for them. In the end, it really is the thought that counts. 

Have a look through the website to see what other exciting products we can offer to you :D

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