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Our four-legged paw-fect hero’s!

September 04, 2021 2 min read


It goes without saying that there is a very unique bond between owner and dog. Once you have a dog in your life, they really bring so much love and affection. They quickly become part of the family and you wonder how your life was before. Unlike human relationships, the relationship with your dog is, on the whole, stress free. Whether you'repatting, stroking or going for a long walk together, it can all be so relaxing. Ok, let's assume here you have done the training and now have a well-behaved pooch on your hands.

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Just going for a walk together turns into a social outing, with everyone you see stopping to have a chat. Plus, your activity levels change for the better as you are exercising more while walking your dog. Your dog has a good time too, learns to socialise and plays with other dogs.  All in all, it is quite comforting to see someone walking their dog. 

The benefits don’t just stop there. Having a dog in the house also teaches young children to develop empathy and responsibility when they take care of the dog. Even those who are ill seem to recover quicker knowing they have their pet pooch waiting for them at home. It has also been found that dog owners do much better when it comes to depression, loneliness, disease, self-esteem, meaningful existence and stress 

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Having a dog can protect you from harm. Whatever size of dog you might have, by simply barking, he can keep away a burglar who might think of coming into your house. Your dog might be tiny but his bark can be enough to scare anyone away. 

Our dogs are truly heroes in so many ways.

🐕 They make us laugh and put a smile on our face every day.

🐩They give us perspective, life never needs to be that serious.

🐶They help us connect, because of you, everyone wants to chat to us.

🦮They are wise and the true meaning of trust, faith and patience.

🐕🦺They are always there for a snuggle!

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Really show off your four legged hero with ourCustom Pet Portraits! Our stunning canvases are truly a unique way to capture the true essence of your pet’s personality and show them off. As they are always there for snuggles how about a Personalised Pet Portrait Blanket so that you're super comfy together. If you miss them when you are at work then you need our personalisedpersonalised dog portraits mug and custom pet portraits phone case, so that your four-legged hero is always with you!

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 It's easy to order, just upload your photo and choose the theme. Leave the rest to us!

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