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The most exclusive pet gift ideas 

September 04, 2021 3 min read

Summer is coming to an end and the winter gift giving season is coming into our thoughts so let’s get cracking, we’ve got a ton of ideas that will get your thoughts tingling ….

We’ve got:

·     Halloween

·     Bonfire night

·     Christmas eve

·     Christmas day

·     New years

They are just the dates in my calendar!

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Trying to figure out what to get for so many events is hard, and it can be tempting to resort to a lot of gift cards—searching all around the web or driving from store to store is a pain... Who has time for that these days?

But broad gift cards are so impersonal. You want special presents to give loved ones on their special days!

Nothing's more special than presents personalized with the one thing everybody is guaranteed to love: their dogs.

Here's a list of tons of doggone thoughtful gifts for dog lovers that are guaranteed to be a hit at any occasion—dogs are never out of season.

Custom Dog Towels

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Your creative loved ones are trendsetters, soaking up the spotlight. They’ll be great soaking up the sun when you're on your holidays, they’ll be showing off with their customised towel that shows off their cuteness to the beach.

Custom Dog Blankets

Picture this: A frosty (or not so frosty) Christmas Day morning, cozied up in bed next to your darling. Your dog sleeps under the covers at your feet, and a custom plush fleece blanket with a picture of him printed on it lies over you, keeping you all nice and toasty.

Sound nice? Of course it does. If you're not getting one for your own bed, you should do a favour for another couple you're shopping for. You never know, they might end up thanking you when they're still together going into 2030!

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Custom Pet Mugs

Raising a child is incredibly rewarding, but demanding work, so many parents are always tired. Keep their energy up with coffee or tea in a unique mug: one personalized with their pup.

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Personalised Pet Phone Cases

Another surprisingly simple thing that can prove crucial to staying sane through years of parental stress is simply investing in a quality phone case.


You take your kid to the shop and give her your smartphone to look at while you shop. You've done it a million times before—so has everyone. Keeping kids engaged keeps them safe!

It's almost her birthday and she demands a stuffed dog toy that looks like the family pet. You already got her a birthday present you know she'll love (keep reading for ideas on that, by the way), so you say no. But she won't hear it... and throws the phone to the ground.

Well, so much for your new iPhone.

Stories like that are too common. Kids WILL be kids—that's why every parent needs a good phone case.

Tantrum-proof your loved one's cell with a cute dog photo phone case.

And hey... Maybe kiddo's puppy on your phone will stop her from throwing it in the first place!The Perfect Picture Frame

For the best picture of you and your doggo, you need the perfect picture frame. Get a picture frame that shares just how much your furry friend means to you.

This may also be a good gift for someone who has recently lost a pet. 

If you were one of the lucky kids whose parents gave in to your begging, do you remember how good it felt to finally get one?

Now you can give the kids you know presents they can look back to for years to come and reflect on the memories they made throughout their childhood dog-owning journey.

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Custom Pet Portrait Pillows

This might sound silly, but: You'll likely never love pillows more than you did when you were little. No, not even when you're old and sore. Hear me out. As a kid, you have naps, pillow forts, pillow fights, and can comfortably sleep on a throw pillow.

That means that all you have to do to wow any kid you know is put a pet picture on a pillow. And what adult wouldn't want to remember their childhood dog that way? This is a gift that's sure to last.

Wow your friends and family with these fabulous gifts. Paw and Glory make wonderful Birthday gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, Father’s Day gifts, Christmas gifts, or a just-because gift. Order yours today!

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