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Should You Toilet Train Your Cat?

September 10, 2020 2 min read

To Potty... Or Not To Potty?

Are you tired of cat litter all around the house and searching frantically online trying to find out how to train cats to use the toilet?Don't worry! You're not alone... However, many who have tried tend to not recommended toilet training cats. In our opinion, It's not a wise idea to toilet train your cat given the cons it comes with.


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The key reason is that by flushing away your cats ahem business you might miss out on the evidence regarding your cat’s health. I'm sure you'll agree that your cat's health is more important than the little comfort you'll receive from having less cleaning up to do  Another risk is that your cat might fall into the toilet, which would invite unwanted cleaning for you and an unnecessary fright for your poor kitty.


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So this begs the question... how important it is to nurture your cat's primal instincts to hunt, catch, kill, eat, sleep, etc. We have to ask ourselves, do things that we rarely see cats doing in the wild (wearing costumes or winter sweaters) really serve for their greater good?

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We already have cats doing their business in litter boxes, and this is in itself a big-ask because their preference is to go outdoors so “huge thanks” to your cat for using a litter box. Surely this should be sufficient enough?

Ultimately, cats love to bury their waste themselves. Toilet training may bring in additional stress when your cat cannot bury their waste. Rather, it would be a great idea to try a cat training lickerwhich helps to stimulate your cat’s mind. Rather than trying to change the natural behaviour of your cat, try training them to use the litter boxes.

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