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Personalised Portraits for Pet Enthusiasts 

May 25, 2022 2 min read


You are here at last. The Mecca for pet lovers, just like me. If you are smiling, it is true because, anyone that knows you, knows you love your pet. You are in great company my friend; I too cannot get enough of my four-legged furball. The desire to spoil my pet, myself and someone I love is always constant. So why not take a looksee at what we have to offer. Any of our items you can be custom to your liking. 


With custom portraits of your pet, you could Pop Art your favourite pet photo and fill that empty space that has been nagging you. With a stretched portrait print of your pet. You have size options to choose from. Whichever you chose it will light up your space with furry cuteness.

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With varied options to customise your photo, you could choose a pet cartoon poster or pop art poster of your special furry friend. Put in a frame and know you will be the envy of friends when they lay eyes on your new art addition. 

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A personalised canvas of your pet is also a lovely possibility to choose from. With varied sizes to pick from, which would look lovely hanging on a sitting room wall or bedroom would bring a pop of art to your space. Brightening the room. 

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Why not choose a custom pillow of your pet to add the alternative accent to your bed, sofa or as a treat to your pets’ bed, only to stop your pet from claiming the pillow as their new favourite chew toy.

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With assorted items to peruse through on our site and choose from. You can put a favourite photo of your pet on any items we offer. You could even choose a t-shirt for example put a picture of your cat with a hashtag saying “#Hang in there, it’s Friday”. Any of our items would also make a brilliant gift, gag-gift, anniversary present or commiserative present.

So, this spring, why not treat yourself, your furry friend and a special loved one. Make someone’s day. Make a loved one smile with a customised portrait of your or their pet. You know will be cherished, might even earn you brownie point to bank for a later day. It’s a gift I’ve come to use on special occasions to let that special person know just how much I adore and know them.

Even better, as I am sure it might be your birthday just around the corner, let friends and family know this is a present you would truly enjoy. Not only is it fun, funky and artistic. On any item you choose to put the photo on it brightens up and has a desired affect. Reminding you of why your pet is so special to you. All the times they show you love just because, make you smile, laugh and cheer-up your mood if it has been a tough day.

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