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Spruce up Your Décor This Spring

May 25, 2022 2 min read


Finally, it is Spring, can you believe it. As we all start saying good riddance to waking up to dark mornings and overpriced bills due to constant use of heating during chilly winter days. And Hello to lovely bright, warm, sunshiny days ahead. You might catch the desire to decorate, meaning it is time for a change, a spruce and fresh new-look on not just life but décor. We encourage you to start with your space by addingpersonalised touches.

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We have so many items for you to choose from that can add colour and flare to different areas around your home, your space. With such items like customised canvas, portraits, or posters of your beloved pet to decorate your walls. You could easily spruce up your sitting room for example with acustom pet art canvas of your favourite furry friend, who always brings you joy. Or how about apet portraitof your cat or apersonalised pet poster, could easily bring a new change to your environment.

With us you can custom build your own design that works best for your space and function. For example, putting acustom pillow of your pet orcustom pet blanket for yourself or your pet, to snuggle up with on the sofa. This is something to enjoy after a hard day’s work, on the weekend or a chilly night.  

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These simple butinspired design tricks will add another touch of warmth to your environment that might need brightening up. And to bask in your cosy living room, while your curled up on the sofa with your cute pet at purring at the end of feet. You can indulge in a hot drink from one of ourpersonalised mugs. Which you can Paw & Glory customised coffee mugs

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Keep in mind that as much as it is great to treat yourself you can also use any of these mentioned décor orgift ideas, for a special loved one like afamily member or a special friend. Any of which would make a wonderful surprise on a birthday or anniversary. I can see the surprise and joy you will bring not only to yourself but a loved one you hold dear to your heart. 

With different items to choose from you will soon be brightening up a warm environment with aspecial addition of apersonalised custom blanket, canvas, portrait, or poster. To go even further for fun and sometimes giggles you could even treat your furry friend to a customised gift. Such as aminimalist pet portrait, afleece blanket for dogs or cats, and apersonalised pet pillow. 

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Any of which will soon bring added joy to your lovely pet. With any of the items mentioned here and so much more to choose from on our website I know you will be so very spoilt for choice. So visit our sight, take your time and please treat yourself. We know you love your furry friend and we love you for it.

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